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Traditional Cakes

Grandma Betty’s Strawberry Cake

Indulge in nostalgia with Grandma Betty’s Strawberry Cake – a timeless classic that brings the essence of fresh strawberries to every moist and delightful bite.”

Drae’s Key Lime Cake

Savor the perfect harmony of citrus-infused perfection in Drae’s Key Lime Cake – a symphony of flavors that captivates with every moist and indulgent slice.

Momma Marla’s Red Velvet Cake

Indulge in the decadence of Momma Marla’s Red Velvet Cake – a Southern classic that offers a rich, velvety experience with every bite, whether with or without nuts.

God Momma Diane’s Peach Pound Cake

Experience divine indulgence with God Momma Diane’s Peach Pound Cake – a mouthwatering pound cake crowned with a delicious peach topping, delivering the perfect blend of moist and fruity delight.

Aunt Marion’s Chocolate Cake

Discover pure chocolate decadence with Aunt Marion’s Chocolate Cake – a delightful creation featuring rich chocolate layers and chocolate icing,  ensuring a heavenly experience in every bite.

Great Grand Ma Mill’s Old Fashion pound cake

Step into nostalgia with Great Grand Ma Mill’s Old Fashion Pound Cake – a moist and timeless delight that captures the essence of old-world baking with or without a delectable glaze.

Traditional Cookies

Peanut Butter


Delight in simplicity with this timeless treat that is soft, chewy, buttery and sweet topped with a sprinkle of sugar

Sugar Cookie


Delight in simplicity with our Sugar Cookies – a timeless treat offering a perfect balance of sweetness in every bite.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip

Rich, nutty, and utterly irresistible – experience the perfection of our Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies

Pecan Snickerdoodle

Experience the perfect balance of cinnamon sweetness and nutty crunch in our Pecan Snickerdoodle cookies.

Try our assortment box

Cookie Assortments

Can’t decide which one to buy?  Try up to 3 of your favorites in an assortment.  Need to order for an event?  Call us about our catering specials.


Oatmeal Raisin

These melt in your mouth classic oatmeal cookies have just the right amount of sweetness, oats, butter and raisins to bring back childhood memories of this delicious any time treat.

Homemade Yeast Rolls

Aunt Julie’s Honey Butter Yeast Rolls


Aunt Julie’s Traditional Homemade yeast rolls take you back to childhood memories of fresh baked bread on Sunday mornings!  The taste of these rich and flaky yeast rolls with an amazing honey butter glaze is sure to be a delight at any family meal. 

Drae’s Cinnamon Rolls

Delight in the irresistible ooey-gooey goodness of Drae’s  yeast Cinnamon Rolls – the homemade taste is undeniable and will keep you coming back for more.

Vegan Options

Drae’s Vegan Strawberry Cake

Experience a burst of sweetness with Drae’s Vegan Strawberry Cake – a plant-based delight that combines luscious strawberries with moist, heavenly layers.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip

These vegan cookies look and taste just like the traditional version.! This is a vegan customer favorite!

Pecan Snickerdoodle

You won’t believe this is a vegan cookie! Just like the Brown Butter Chocolate chip cookie, it looks and tastes just like the traditional cookie.


The vegan cinnamon rolls have all of the flavor you could ever want with none of the guilt.

Customized Perfection Awaits!

Dreaming of a special cake for your celebration? Let’s make it a reality! Contact us for personalized and bespoke cakes that elevate your event to sweet perfection. Your vision, our creation – let’s craft memories together.

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